Tools Used Spies During War

Tools Used Spies During War – Do you still remember the cold war in Idn Sports ancient times? Precisely in 1947 to 1991, between the two superpowers at that time, namely America and the Soviet Union (now Russia). The war made both parties or camps show each other the strength and defense that they each possessed.

As well as showing the military strength they each have as well. It is not uncommon for them to spy on each other, this is to find out the strength of their opponent so that later they can make a powerful strategy to overthrow their own opponents without having to bother.

However, the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C., United States of America keeps several devices or tools that are used to carry out activities such as spying on their enemies. These tools or devices were used by the espionage agents of the United States and the Soviet Union.

Tools Used Spies During War

As time goes by, some of these spy devices will look ridiculous when compared to the tools that exist today. As you know, tools like this are modern and sophisticated.

However, it cannot be denied that the tools for carrying out activities to spy on the enemy are also very dangerous, because this can be a very deadly weapon for the enemy himself. What are the tools that were used in the past to carry out spy activities against their enemies during the previous cold war.

Here are some tools that will be told to you not to be curious, so just look below:

  • Button Camera

A tool for spying on enemies is a buttoned camera that was used around 1970 at that time. This button camera is modeled F – 21 with code code AJAX. This tool is placed in a hidden place, namely in a button and more precisely in the button of a coat. Such a tool was also frequently used by Soviet spy agencies. To be able to use this camera tool, the spy must use a trigger that can be pressed with your finger. The location of the camera trigger is in or in a pocket on the coat that you will wear later. When the trigger is pressed, the camera on the mantle will take photos of any suspicious activity.

  • Deadly glasses

In the past, there were glasses that could be used to kill their enemies, these glasses were created by the CIA. One of the sleeves on the glasses contains a very lethal dose of cyanide. It can be used to kill their own targets. However, the cyanide can also be used by the spy agent itself. Usually they will chew the cyanide if caught or being introverted and tortured by their own enemy. This is done because death is considered better than having to accept torture from their enemies.

Deadly Tool Used For Spying

  • Lipstick Tube Gun

In the Soviet spy unit, the KGB was equipped with female spy agencies for sure. If this one tool is carried by a man, unwanted things will happen because the enemy will definitely be suspicious before doing this spying. So by bringing a tube of lipstick, it will not look suspicious because it is considered an object that is usually carried by women, but in fact it cannot be taken lightly or easily and should not be underestimated. Tools like this include a deadly tool because this lipstick tube can turn into a gun that can shoot bullets at close range.

  • Tapping Tree

This tool itself is definitely shaped like an ordinary tree, but this tool has a function as a device that can pick up radio transmissions. This tool is also commonly used by CIA agents. Usually agents would put this device near the borders of the Soviet Union during the 1970s. With the help of this tool the CIA was able to intercept transmissions on the Soviet Union.

  • Pigeon Camera

In ancient times, there must have been no tools that were popular like today, maybe you know what is meant by modern tools today such as drones. This pigeon was previously released to fly towards the enemy area and record everything under it.

  • Tapping Shoes

From 1960 to 1970, spies often stole shoes of foreign officials and replaced them with special shoes that could intercept conversations carried out by shoe users. These shoes are equipped with a microphone and transmitter hidden in the heel of the shoe. Interesting are not the old tools that were used as tools to spy on their enemies.

  • Pencil Bomb

Surely you are wondering how a pencil can be such a deadly tool. Overall, there are many types of pencils that spy agents often use to kill themselves. One of them is to use pencils that have been assembled into bombs and this tool is also being developed at the United States Strategic Services office. During World War II, they had an explosive device which was shaped like a pencil. This bomb is prone to detonation, so agents in charge can carry out an escape mission before the device or pencil bomb explodes.

Excellence Spying Tool

So that was the means of spying on enemies in ancient times. If we look at it in terms of pictures and shapes, it is cute and unique. Because these tools have been simplified even more, the system is also very sophisticated.

As time goes by, it’s no wonder all kinds of goods in this world will become so sophisticated. Tools like this are usually only used by people who already understand and are professionals in this field. So do not be surprised if this tool has a very frightening function if used by the right person.

Hopefully this article can be helpful and useful for all of you who want to find out various information on war in the past. There are many other various references that you can get on the internet. Because as you know for yourself, the internet has become a very broad and complete source of knowledge.

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The Best Guide To Choosing A Plate Carrier

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Why A Plate Carrier?

You must first know why you need it. For whatever reason you need it, always choose the best. A good plate carrier is essential as it always comes in handy during critical times.

Plate carriers are worn with armour plates so as to fit correctly. If one does not plan to use plates, he/she can get inserts to ensure the career does not sag when pouches are put. If you only want to carry water, ammo and essential gear you can consider other careers like a chest rig or belt system.

Which Size Is The Most Suitable?

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There are cummerbunds that are fully adjustable in most brands and usually have multiple sizes. If possible, remove the cummerbund and reattach it to the front. Feed it back through the rear plate bag. Adjust the cummerbund as needed. Lean on the waist forward, back and side to side to test if it fits. Try to touch your toes to ensure it does not dig into your body. See more.

What Armour Plate Should You Use?

This depends on the threat you are likely to face. You could choose level 4 stand-alone armour plates that are significantly very affordable, requires no soft armour behind them and defeats more threats but weighs a lot. Alternatively, you could choose level 3 that is lighter but requires a soft armour behind it, is expensive and defeats less threat. Remember, there are things to be carried in the career which will increase the weight significantly. Be sure whichever armour plate you choose you will be able to carry it and run when the need arises.

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What Is The Mission?

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