The Best Guide To Choosing A Plate Carrier

Plate carrier has been one of the most widespread loads bearing equipment for more than a decade now. A lot of designs, variations and brands have been introduced to the market. One can easily get military and tactical plate carrier online today A person has to be very careful and choose one that suits him/her during purchase. The following factors will not only ensure you find the right configuration and sizing but also one with the right setup that can hold all the critical items and in an easy to access manner.

Why A Plate Carrier?

You must first know why you need it. For whatever reason you need it, always choose the best. A good plate carrier is essential as it always comes in handy during critical times.

Plate carriers are worn with armour plates so as to fit correctly. If one does not plan to use plates, he/she can get inserts to ensure the career does not sag when pouches are put. If you only want to carry water, ammo and essential gear you can consider other careers like a chest rig or belt system.

Which Size Is The Most Suitable?

To be able to know the right-sized carrier, you should first buy the right-sized armour plate. The right plate covers all your vital body organs. There are different plates for different body size online. Most people use the medium size. However, if you are larger, you will need a larger plate. Then buy a plate carrier according to the plate size you have chosen. Some carriers can even accommodate multiple sizes of armour. Always ensure the carrier fits properly. The front plate bag should be two fingers width below the collarbone. Adjust the rear plate bag using the shoulder straps so that it is in line with the front.

There are cummerbunds that are fully adjustable in most brands and usually have multiple sizes. If possible, remove the cummerbund and reattach it to the front. Feed it back through the rear plate bag. Adjust the cummerbund as needed. Lean on the waist forward, back and side to side to test if it fits. Try to touch your toes to ensure it does not dig into your body. See more.

What Armour Plate Should You Use?

This depends on the threat you are likely to face. You could choose level 4 stand-alone armour plates that are significantly very affordable, requires no soft armour behind them and defeats more threats but weighs a lot. Alternatively, you could choose level 3 that is lighter but requires a soft armour behind it, is expensive and defeats less threat. Remember, there are things to be carried in the career which will increase the weight significantly. Be sure whichever armour plate you choose you will be able to carry it and run when the need arises.

What Can Be Mounted On The Plate Carrier?

You should think what you will put in the plate carrier and the best place you can access them. It is advisable to have a list so that you can remember to include everything needed. These might include a number of magazines, GPS/radio system, water system, medical kit, an admin pouch, pen and waterproof paper. Choose a carrier plate that fits all the required items. You do not have to fill all the attachment space provided. Limit yourself to only the things you need because armour plates are already very heavy.

What Is The Mission?

There are a number of designs available. Always choose the design suitable for your mission. A simple carrier is suitable for a person who is going to a less threatening mission. While a carrier with many attachments is suitable for a person going for very threatening scenarios. Check out this: